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Reflection Poem: Two Pine Tree Lovers

Last Sunday morning while I meditated in my car in the parking lot behind Yoga Tree in Berkeley I caught out of the corner of my eye two shadows of these thin pine like trees playing against the wall of the neighboring building. The image stuck with me all week and time and time again …

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Five Minute Practice Tip

Yoga and mindfulness practices aim to keep us grounded and centered amid the ever-changing fluctuations of the world around us. We are so fortunate to have the body and its basic five senses to help keep us firmly established and rooted in the present moment. By focusing our attention on each of the five senses …

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Yogāsana As A Magnifying Glass

Yogāsana As A Magnifying Glass by: John P. Rettger, PhD, RYT-200 With all of the recent dialogue happening about the New York Times article, “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” and the Equinox yoga video circulating on YouTube, I thought it was worth taking a pause and reflecting on my practice and teaching of yoga. When I first came …

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Mindful Half Day Retreat at Blue Elephant on Jan 28th

Come and learn the foundations of mindfulness practice and how these may increase your sense of well-being, quality of life, improve your sleep, and lessen your experience of stress, anxiety, and depression…

Free Yoga Class – Mindful Hatha Yoga

Enjoy a free mellow flow mindful yoga practice this Saturday at 10:30 – 11:30 am at Blue Elephant. The flow practice will yield to an extended savasana and meditation. I hope you can join me! Blue Elephant Yoga 744 San Antonio Rd. Ste. 19B Palo Alto While the practice is freely offered, donations in support …

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Alternative Gift Giving: The Gift of Presence

Alternative Gift Giving: The Gift of Presence by: John Rettger, PhD, RYT-200 Time is running out on finding the perfect holiday gift for those you love. However, it is never too late to offer your loved one the best gift of all- your complete, undivided and full attention and presence this holiday season. Thich Nhat …

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Five Tips for Holiday Stress Management

Five Holiday Stress Management TipsWith the holidays quickly approaching, things may start to get stressful and challenging. In this article I offer 5 simple Mindfulness and Yoga-based tips to help keep you centered.   1. Practice Beginner’s MindTake a few moments to center yourself before entering challenging situations. Considering practicing Mountain Pose after you ring your …

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Free Classes w/ John for Yoga Source community

Come join me on Tue 11/29 & Weds 11/30 for free classes while Yoga Source is closed. Check it out: Restorative/Yin at Yoga Source during studio renovation work: The Color Building at 201 Hamilton (at Emerson Street) in Palo Alto (just across from Peninsula Creamery). These classes are FREE to current YogaSource Palo Alto students who …

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John’s Restorative Yoga Coming to Walnut Creek!

I am currently working with Bloom in Walnut Creek on offering Restorative Yoga at their new center. Please check them out at Stay tuned for further details! I will post schedule dates and times as they become available.

Turning Inward

In solitude sit in the stillness of silent meditation In the calm wave of awareness recede the senses and turn within Move the awareness to the breath Allow everything around to quiet down Move through all layers of the self The shell of the body vanishes