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Watching the Eleven O’clock News

Watching the Eleven O’clock News
by John, circa 2003
Watching the eleven o’clock news with you
is better than eating green grapes from off of green grape vines

Probably because I adore your simultaneous smile and comments on each news headline


It’s funny how I find myself trying to memorize

monotonous facts reported

Even the weatherman speaking on clouds moving west is scholarly

and information I want to write down

(For I think, that one cannot be sure when one will be walking west and walk into rain falling from a grey west sky two-blocks over)

I theorize that there must be something I find

when I see you

gazing through this pure simple space


It could simply just be you

being you

who is beautiful

wearing a simple blue long-sleeved shirt complimented


plain white sweat pants

You balance time and space perfectly

            while sitting on the far corner of the living room couch

Perhaps it is something inherent in the shade of blue that comprises your eyes

            that makes even these commercial break moments seem serene


Maybe you just bring some kind of inner-peace

            deep in my soul

With soft words you speak


I’m beginning to think all of these things

            are secondary in nature


You are only half-of-a living room away

            resting gently beneath

A corner lampshade

whose light never before

                        shone for

A more interesting subject