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Simply Here With You

Simply Here With youpacrock
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Speaking of miracles
Beyond this earthen air I breathe
And this aging early
winter morning sun
Are these sacred moments
When time feels still
And I am 
simply here 
with you

Beyond the hanging silence
Ending all of your sentences
and any words spoken 
I see how your voice sheds 
so much light
and beyond
the taste of 
the careening ocean wind 
whispering waves through bending trees
and me 
seeing you looking far out into
the vast green blue Pacific
Right down to my bones
I know 
no more is needed than
This pure wide open space
in which I am 
simply here 
with you

Beyond all the talk and promise of December
Or any resolutions in the New Year
And even the deep secrets sensed in the dark illumination
Of a full winter moon
Is the holy spark and electricity
Of your hand in mine 
and I think "my God, time has frozen over"
When I am 
simply here 
with you

I suppose what I am trying to say
Beneath all the metaphor and the ancient myth
Is that there is no real need for me
To even compare all of this to a miracle
Because you and I and All of this
Already are the heroic miracle
and I am fully alive and I am
simply here 
with you

John Rettger
Dec 25, 2013