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Along the path of yoga, one of the many ways in which I capture my experiences on the mat and in meditation is through poetry. For me, poetry has always been a very personal endeavor and has provided me a way to integrate my history into my psyche and open up space for freedom and transformation. Over the years I have written quite a bit of poetry and have recently began sharing some of that work. I feel that through my poetry, those journeying on the mat with me have a way of understanding how I arrived to my current place in my teaching and in my life.

Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess by John She is the moon goddess, Diana Her long brown hair flows long like The River Ganges offering up Her own Divine reflection The surface of her water ripples waves Vibrating the radiant red and orange evening glow of the sinking Indian sun Her Holy river body wraps herself around her Ancient …

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Simply Here With You

Simply Here With you (Listen Online) Speaking of miracles Beyond this earthen air I breathe And this aging early winter morning sun Are these sacred moments When time feels still And I am simply here with you Beyond the hanging silence Ending all of your sentences and any words spoken I see how your voice …

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Watching the Eleven O’clock News

Watching the Eleven O’clock News by John, circa 2003 Watching the eleven o’clock news with you is better than eating green grapes from off of green grape vines Probably because I adore your simultaneous smile and comments on each news headline   It’s funny how I find myself trying to memorize monotonous facts reported Even the weatherman speaking on clouds …

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