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Moon Goddess

IMG_0921Moon Goddess
by John

She is the moon goddess,

Her long brown hair flows long like
The River Ganges
offering up
Her own
Divine reflection

The surface of her water ripples waves
Vibrating the radiant red and orange evening glow
of the sinking Indian sun

Her Holy river body wraps herself around her
Ancient Motherland India
Her soft hands cleanse the land
Wash away
All my sorrow
Yet leaving me lost, left, cast into her many miles of mystery

Her embrace captivates and catches all of me
I am all caught up in
Indra’s net
And all the jewels suddenly illuminate
Reflecting One Divine spectacle

I am all swirling around all 360 degrees
I call upon Kali
to please freeze time
keep this moment alive
leave the rising sun down
let the glowing stars shimmer longer

Let her crescent light
crack my heart
wide open

Upon sunrise
I fear it could be that all of this dream
is nothing

And this moment will not last
But what will last
Is her eternal pulse,
Her divine spark,
Her Heavenly Shakti
Shaking everything in me
Lighting all to life

In stillness
I get that
All is already
and already was before
Yet, I can’t even breathe my next breath
By the time she releases me
From Her Sacred Embrace
Her warm, ancient, river water arms