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Jan 05

New Years Update 2018!

Monday and Weds 1. Vinyasa – 6:15 pm – 90m – YogaSource Palo Alto 2. Restorative – 8:15pm – 75m – YogaSource Palo Alto Check out my newsletter! 

Jun 23

I’m teaching all of my public classes this weekend!

Nov 17

the touch of self-compassion

Do you sometimes get down on yourself for not being perfect? Do you notice yourself being unkind to yourself when you make mistakes? Or maybe you get caught up in frustration when something does not turn out as you had hoped? Can you be self-critical or overly demanding of yourself? Or maybe you are struggling …

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Sep 20

Friday: Fall Equinox Restorative – Sep 23

Jan 28


Today, I see your face, the stones start spinning. Out of the empty, vast landscape You suddenly appear. All my studying wanders. I lose my place. This river water turns pearly. This Fire dies down and does not consume. In your presence I do not want what I thought I wanted, those three little hanging …

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Dec 11

Poem Response to Rumi

What will our children do in the morning? Will they wake with their hearts wanting to play their arms wide open and outstretched perfectly enough like wings so they may take flight? Will they have dreamed the needed flights and gathered enough strength from planets to teach us to care for Mother Earth and her …

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Nov 27

Thank you!!!

Dear Friend, I write to you today to say thank you for your ongoing support and presence in our mindfulness and yoga community. I continue to learn, grow, and be inspired each time I see you on the yoga mat. Words are never as good as the warmth of an in-person smile or hug, but …

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Aug 24

Re-interpret of Hafiz poem from classes 8/22/14

My Eyes So Soft Do notSurrenderYour saddness so quickly. Rather Let it move in and cut more Deeply.Let it ferment and season youAs very few human Or even divine ingredients can.Something is oh so astray and missing in my heart tonight This bearing witness This seeing Has made my eyes all so soft, My lonesome voice all so Tender,My …

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Aug 10

October Retreat Online Sign-up at Retreats Page

  Sign Up here:

Jul 26

All Is Made Holy

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