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Freedom, Ease & Spaciousness all on a Saturday afternoon.

Have you been longing to reconnect with that most deepest, truest expression of Divine Illumination and Freedom in your own heart? Join us at the lovely Yoga Tree Valencia in the beautiful Mission for this amazing offering that will move you toward that blessed abundance and grace! Saturday 1:15 pm, Aug. 31- Sign Up …

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Special Classes and Events This Week! 6/26-6/30

special week happening, lots of extra classes i’m subbing- 1. Thurs Prajna core flow 6pm (followed by my Slow Flow, can you say double up?) – Prajna Belmont 2. Friday – Gentle Flow – 3pm (CC $12) Yoga Tree SF Stanyan, yep, the studio near Haight Ashbury 3. Saturday 9am – Power Vinyasa Yoga Belly …

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Special Classes or Classes John is Subbing This Week

John is teaching: Yoga Tree Stanyan San Francisco Saturday, May 18, 6:15pm – Restorative Yoga   Yoga Belly Mountain View Sunday, May 19, 6:15pm – Restorative Yoga & Meditation   John is not teaching: Prajna Yoga Belmont Sunday, May 19, 4pm Restorative YogaSource Palo Alto Sunday, May 19, 8:15pm – Restorative Yoga sub – …

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The Sacred Path: Spirit and Soul

View from the top of Dolores Park

Psyche, spirit, symbol, soul We are all on an amazing journey of self-discovery toward our highest potential. Yoga provides us with a path toward our abundance, a reflection of the sacred in all of our moments. The sacred may go unnoticed, or it may wake us up in moments where we may be astray or …

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John Yoga: A 2012 Constant Contact All Star

Dear Lovely Community, I wanted to share the great news and express my gratitude to you, our wonderful yoga sangha and community, for receiving this honor. My emails and events are true offerings of my heart and spirit, and my deepest aspiration is to bring health and healing into this world through mindfulness and yoga. …

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Reflections from a haze in Berkeley

This article was recently published in my email newsletter. I am reprinting it here for those not yet on my email list. T.S. Eliot once wrote that April is “the cruelest month”, well, I think that February must then be “the fiercest month”. We have rain, sun, warm days and cold nights. As I journey …

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Hawaii is Happening: Are you coming?

Listen to some of the music from class tonight

Dear Friends and Lovely Community, Please check out some of the music from class tonight here: Purna Mantra Yonat will be with me again Friday night 8pm. Yoga Tree Valencia in SF.  

Live Music in Restorative Classes at Yoga Tree in December

LInk to full scedule: Live Music Schedule   yonat & her muse   Perry Dexter    

What’s a spider got to do with Mindfulness?

What’s a spider got to do with Mindfulness? by John P. Rettger, PhD, RYT-200 I am offering up this short reflection on how mindfulness works in my life. Over the past few weeks I have been privy to what may seem like a rather small experience when you first think about it. This seemingly small …

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