Poem Response to Rumi

earthWhat will
our children do in the morning?

Will they wake with their hearts wanting to play
their arms wide open and outstretched
perfectly enough
like wings
so they may take flight?

Will they have dreamed the needed flights and gathered
enough strength from planets
to teach us to care for
Mother Earth
and her wonderful charms?

Will our eyes be open enough to see
in her beauty,
a reflection of our own?

Will our ears be open enough to hear our children’s laughter?
Will we have the wisdom to join their rambunctious play
to again learn the secret ways of our heart?
Will we honor its pure longing and simple want
to again be alive?
Will we give to this world a Love
that is simply so lovely
that it endures everything?
A true Love that even outshines time
never failing or faltering not even becoming
a dim flicker

Will we remember to keep looking up,
to keep open to a soft Mother Earth kiss
descending down from her baby blue sky?

Can we see how our children take in her cleansing breath?
Little lungs giggling
Wind through trees touching their cheek?
Will we have the sense to hear from her clouds
sweet song lullabies
sung all
so kind?
Alas again, I ask-
what will our children do in the morning
if it is not us that first have the courage
to fly?